Responsive web design

Responsive web design allows your website to be usable on multiple screen widths.

All websites created with responsive web design

Do you want a website usable on mobiles, tablets?

Then you need responsive web design. Responsive web design is optimal for your website as it makes it visible and usable on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. For a good user experience and to improve your ranking in web search engines like Google you need your website to be compatible with mobile devices, and this is provided by the responsive web design that we offer you.

Get visible regardless of the screen width with a responsive web design.

What does responsive web design do?

Responsive web design (adaptive) allows web pages to adapt to the screen of the user's device that visits it, regardless of whether it is from a mobile phone (Android or iPhone type smartphone), tablet (Android or iPad), a laptop or from a desktop computer. Responsive web design sites are viewable for multiple screen widths.

Today a large percentage of users use their mobile devices to browse and shop online. Mainly mobile smartphones and tablets. You cannot lose these potential customers, a responsive web design is essential, it is a visible website for multiple screen widths. All our web pages are optimized for mobiles and tablets.

The goal is for your website to be easy to use, fast to load and very intuitive.

How does it work?

Responsive web page design allows your website to "adapt" to the screen of the user's device who visits it, regardless of whether it is from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or from a computer.

We will program a web page whose content and structure will be adapted to the size of the screens of the devices used by users who access your web page.

The visitor to your responsive web page does not have to do anything, the web will adapt to the device that he uses at all times, this way he can concentrate on the content of your website and will have a pleasant experience. Regardless of whether they access your responsive web page from different platforms: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.


We recommend responsive web design to all our clients. So all web users can navigate intuitively regardless of the device, wherever it is.

The main search engine Google currently considers that a responsive web gives you advantages for search engine positioning.

In this link you can see a representative sample in our portfolio

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Professional website design with responsive design

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design that can also be called adaptive web design, was devised by Ethan Marcotte, in order to improve the experience of visitors using a mobile device to access web pages. When we use a responsive web design we want to tell you that we develop web pages with a single code and we obtain a web page that is visible in multiple screen widths, screen resolutions and/or hardware power

The main idea of this type of website design is that the content of the web page flows within the device we are using so that the web page fills the screen correctly, with usable and visible menus especially on mobile phones. It is also very important to take into account the loading speed of the web page so as not to consume a lot of our data bandwidth.

But not every web page that can be loaded on a mobile can be classified as made with responsive web design. Maybe at some point you have visited a web page on your mobile and it took a long time to load, the text was so small that you had to zoom in to read it, or the layers of the web page overlap and some content is hidden by another layer, or it does not stop loading and the web page jumps and moves from where you are reading ... all this indicates that the web page has not been optimized or developed with correct or professional responsive web design. With us you will not have these problems, we take care of all the details so that the user only sees the content and has an excellent experience on your website.

When we use responsive web design correctly the web page:

  • adapts to screen size
  • text size is easy to read
  • loads fast
  • does not consume much data
  • does not move after loading (does not jump)
  • interactive elements are sized to fit your finger
  • improves search engine optimization
  • reaches a larger audience, everyone uses mobile phones to navigate these days
  • and much more

This is why, we at Ailon Webs recommend to all our clients with companies that are in the process of developing a plan for digital transformation and are going to create a new website or online store to use responsive web design, this will also give them access to of a website optimized for mobiles and great benefits. In fact, it has been years since we have developed projects without responsive web design, it is already a standard that has come to stay and only brings benefits to everyone.

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