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We develop effective professional real estate websites, so that you can rent or sell your properties and promotions.

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Custom real estate website design and development

Real estate website design to rent and sell properties

Everything your real estate needs to sell online easily and efficiently, our professional real estate web design, from 899,00 €.

Order your real estate website

Order your Real estate website design

Real Estate Website features

  • 1 domain name, SSL certificate (HTTPS), 1GB of web hosting, 5 email accounts.
    For 1 year.
  • Powerful property search.
    Very intuitive search engine.
  • Property detail page: type of contract (sale, rent), reference No., square meters, No. bedrooms, No. bathrooms, price, property type, description, City, Province, Energy rating, up to 15 photos of the property and 1 video.
    Each one with its semantic URL.
  • Sections: home page, sales list, rental list, add properties to my list, contact form, about us, legal conditions. Links to your social networks.
    Responsive web design: mobiles, tablets, computers.
  • Web content manager, to update your real estate website.
    Add, modify or delete your properties and much more.
  • English language, you can add Spanish and/or German.
    You can add Spanish and/or German.

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In this video you can see what it would be like to add a property to your real estate website.

Video demonstration of a real estate website

In this video you can see an example of our real estate website in action. Advanced search engine, featured properties on the front page.

We enter the content manager to add a property with it's data, photos and we publish it on the website. To promote it a bit more, we add the new property to the home page of the website where we place it in the first position.

We then return to the public part of the website where we show you the new property on the home page of the real estate website, we open its individual property page, take a look at its photos and we enlarge them to have a good look. With this short review you can imagine what it would be like to manage of your real estate website.

Real estate website design

Real estate website design responsive

Show and promote properties on the internet with our real estate web design and manage your content.

All our real estate websites combine custom website design with responsive website design (mobile first) and a website content manager.

Attractive and usable website

We focus our real estate web design and development on two main goals:

  • display property listings in an attractive and usable way
  • facilitate searches by incorporating a powerful search engine

View a sample in our portfolio

Real estate website design

What does our real estate website design offer?

Exposing and managing real estate properties and promotions on the internet through a content manager.

We propose a real estate web design that includes:

  • Front page with the most outstanding properties.
  • Very intuitive property search.
  • Property listing:
    • for sale
    • to rent
    • promotions
  • Property detail page. Description of each property with images and text, download the information in a .pdf file or share by email.
  • Text on the front page, who are we section and legal conditions, updateable through your content manager.
  • Contact form with location data.
  • The website content manager or CMS.
Real estate website design

The property detail page

Organized and clear content.

The detail page of each property will show detailed information, images, price, possibility of sharing by email and download the information in PDF file format with photos and details.

And if you need more functions to grow, or implement new ideas, we can help you, we have developed the 100% of our real estate website and its content manager, this is why when our clients need us to program something new or different, we can do all the changes to the programming that you may need at any time.

Real estate website design

Content management

Updating the content of our real estate websites is simple.

  • You can add, modify or delete the properties or promotions that you want to sell or rent online.
  • Modify the texts on the font page, the who are we section and services conditions.
  • Send the Sitemap to Google

Access to the website content manager is private, you access it with your web browser and an internet connection.

What is a Sitemap?
It is a file that contains the list of URLs or addresses make up your website. It is used to let the web search engines know what pages to crawl, like the Google robot. In other words, a sitemap is a kind of warning for web crawlers to come and check out your website, especially if you have added new articles or products. This way the Google Search Engine will periodically update the number of pages indexed from your sitemap.

The real estate website and its content manager.

The process of optimizing the SEO of your real estate website can be a bit of a challenge, with our content manager for real estate websites it is quick and easy to adjust the SEO parameters of each property.

And since we have developed the website content manager 100% with our own programming thinking in real estate companies, when our clients need to grow or implement new ideas, we can do the programming changes that this may require, adjusting it to your needs.

So that configuring the SEO on our real estate websites is easy for the user to manage, we have automated most of the processes so that the final result is an optimal SEO for real estate.

As is well known, the key and fundamental point for search engine positioning is always content. But quality content and with a good structure. The content of the real estate website must be visible and organized in a specific way to achieve good SEO for your real estate website.

When the user provides content with appropriate quality, our content manager is programmed so that the keywords are added to your website in an optimal way to ensure that the search engines find your valuable content and the information on your properties. The data that makes up your content is structured automatically and we make it write the specific tags and codes for search engines in programming code, renaming images and URLs (address in the browser) in a descriptive way for both human users and search engines. So everything will be well labeled, and all URLs, texts, headers, etc. that are automatically generated, and this is done for all the languages of your real estate website. It will do all the SEO heavy lifting for you.

In summary, the structure of the data that makes up your real estate website is important to give you a good SEO result and search engine positioning. And with the help of our specific content manager for real estate websites you will achieve it. Remember that everything is programmed 100% by us, therefore the organic positioning of your website is 100% configurable for your real estate products, whether for a large or small real estate agency or if you are an independent real estate agent. With your knowledge of real estate and our design and programming arts you will have a usable, attractive real estate website with a powerful SEO engine for search engines.

We program 100% of the Real Estate websites we develop so we can make any changes you require.

Small changes can make your website a cornerstone in your business.

Puedes pedirnos presupuestos adicionales para añadir los toques especiales que hará que tu web para inmobiliaria brille.

You can request a budget for these changes or extras now, when starting your web project or later when they arise.

    Examples of custom extras for real estate websites that we have developed for other clients:
  • adding testimonials from your satisfied customers
  • changing the fields of the search engine to show what they consider most important
  • adding search by reference
  • adding more pages with information about your services
  • adding other updateable pages with information about the area in which they work
  • adding more languages
  • adding 3D videos
  • adding more fields to the property file

If you need any more sections, whether updateable or not, let us know so we can take them into account when we send you your free quote.

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Professional real estate website: to compete you need to stand out

A professional real estate website design tailored to you is ideal for the future of your business

The important thing is that your real estate website adds to your business and for this each company needs to decide what is best for them. Not all companies or all clients are the same, so your best option is to use professional programmers who can create the tools you need to develop your business on the internet.

Ask us for a quote and you will see that the investment you will have to make is small compared to the great number of clients you can acquire.