Website design

Step 1

Mock-up design

Image step 1 mock-up design
Image step 1 mock-up design

Once the customer provides the material, we begin a mock-up of the website design that will include:

  • Use of your logo and other brand marks if required.
  • Contact information.
  • Headers and subheaders.
  • Global and local menus. Web navigation system.
  • Content.
  • A search input form, if required.
  • Buttons linked to social networks.
  • Footer.
Step 2

We present the mock-up to the customer

Image Step 2 mock-up presentation
Image paso 2 mock-up presentation

RECOMMENDATION: This is the best moment to make major changes, before the coding process.

We present a mock-up of the web design to the customer for an approval cycle, that we perform in the following order:

  • Review and constructive interaction with the customer.
  • Adjustments.
  • Approval.

Testing and deployment

Step 3
Imagen paso 3 Testing and deployment
Imagen paso 3 Testing and deployment

Once the mock-up of the web design is approved we perform tests and launch the website on the Internet:

  • We turn the website mock-up into code.
  • Tests and last adjustments:
    • We check the compatibility with different browsers in their latest versions (Chrome, IExplorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) and devices such as smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops and desktop computers (responsive web design or multidevice design).
    • Adjustment of:
      • files (code, texts, images, etc.)
      • SEO tags for search results positioning.
  • Deployment. Once all the other steps are completed the website will be ready to be published on the Internet.

Professional website design

We design and develop custom websites that give your company an online presence. We have extensive experience developing and designing all types of websites, more than 21 years.

Why have a professional website?

The main reasons are:

  • A website is an investment. A website allows you to have the visibility your business needs. Having online presence allows your customers to access your business website 24 hours a day 365 days a year, interactively, from anywhere and from any device. Remember that the internet has a huge household penetration, overtaking traditional advertising media, and this generates millions of people looking for products and services online like the ones your company provides.
  • You get what you pay for. You could use a free website creation service. It might work, but it will not have the efficiency and beauty that a professional website would provide.
  • The importance of design. Surveys on a high percentage of users conclude that a positive experience on a company's professional website can positively impact the opinion customers have of this company.
  • Statistics show an increase in the number of users surfing internet. Especially those who surf with mobile devices, more and more consumers are persuaded by the internet image of a brand.
  • Cheaper and more powerful promotion of your company, as well as reducing time and costs of business information exchange.
  • Analyze your competition. If your competitors have a professional website they are ahead of your company or brand. Having a website is a critical step, internet is the information highway and an increasingly necessary way to do business. You can not sit back, an outdated company is a company that will be overtaken by competitors.
  • Social networks. It's good to have presence on the major social networks (twitter, facebook, etc. ..) but they must direct people to your professional website.
  • Increase user loyalty. Prestige brands use the internet to try to retain their customers. Internet allows you to keep your customers informed of all new developments and products, improving the image of your company. You can provide a permanent catalog available for all current and potential customers.

What type of website?

Professional website design

Classic web pages, web pages for tablets, mobile websites.

We recommend responsive web design. The main search engine Google considers that a responsive website gives you Search Engine Optimization and positioning advantages.

Responsive web design is a reality today. More and more users are using their mobile devices to surf the internet. Mainly mobile smartphone, phablets and tablets, you can not lose these potential customers.

The usual duration of a web project is 15 business days after we receive the material, there are projects whose complexity require more time.

We have extensive experience developing gallery websites (to showcase your photos or images), accommodation websites (small hotel, pension, rural accommodation, motel, hostel), hospitality websites (restaurants, cafes, wedding halls, mesons) with services like updatable menus, online table reservation, etc., ask for a quote.

Do not hesitate and ask for a professional website design quote, we will send you detailed information and if needed we can narrow down the details of the design and development for your project.

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Custom web design

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