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We develop Professional Real Estate Web Pages so you can display your properties and promotions through our content management system. Easily and quickly.

Real Estate websites

Features Real Estate website design
Responsive web design
Custom design
Control panel
(Content manager)
Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)
categories and products
Send Sitemap to Google
Custom search engine
Editable text on homepage
List of properties
Editable 'About us' text
Editable 'Disclaimer' text
Links to social networks
Outstanding properties on homepage Up to 9 properties
Property detail page photos Up to 15
Property labels Up to 6 fixed
Property detail options Download or print PDF / Share
Request a visit Option to create 'my list'
properies selected by the client
Hosting account 500 MB
Email addresses 5
SEO Automatic and manual
Price first year
(taxes included)
Annual renewal price following years 169,00€
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What do our Real Estate Websites include?

The Real Estate Websites we develop allow you to display and manage your properties and promotions online. Content management is done through the control panel.

Our Real Estate websites include all of the following:

  • Homepage, up to 9 outstanding properties.
  • Very intuitive property search.
  • Property listings (por example property: for sale, rentals, promotions).
  • Property description page with photos and text, options: PDF download of the property details or share by email.
  • Option to create 'my list' of properties that the client selects.
  • Form to sell or rent a property through your company.
  • Editable homepage, about us and services disclaimer texts.
  • Contact form with your location details.
  • Control panel to control your content.

Our Real Estate websites are easy to use

The design and development of your Real Estate Website will focus on showing your property listings in an attractive and usable way and a search engine. The visitors to your website will have the option to configure a list of properties of their interest. You will receive this list by email, this is how the visitor will request a visit to the selected properties. If the visitor needs to sell or rent a property they will find a specific form to contact you.

Every property page will show detailed information, photos, price, and options to share by email and download this information as a PDF file.

Buyers and/or web visitors only have to choose one or more properties of their interest and save them to 'my list' by clicking the "Add to favorites" button. Once they have finished selecting the properies they are interested in, they can view them all by clicking the "View my list" button (always visible on the website) and then they will be able to:

  • "Select a visit to the properties on my list" this will take them to a form to send you their list and their personal details to contact them,
  • "Download my list" as a PDF file and/or
  • "Send to a friend" by email.

Updating the content of your Real Estate Website is easy

You can manage your content through the control panel. You can add, modify or delete the properties or promotions you want to sell online. Access to the control panel is private, you can access it through your web browser and an internet connection.

How do I receive the visit requests?

You will receive the request to visit the properties when the user submits the application form.

Responsive design

Real Estate Web Design

At Ailon Webs we program and design Real Estate websites so you can efficiently sell or rent your properties online.

We develop your website with responsive web design (multidevice), we create scalable internet services so that the architecture for the content and its presentation adapt to the screen size and device type.

The advantage is that we can make the changes you need as your business evolves and grows on the Internet, because we fully develop the website and the software that manages the web content. With our 21 years experience we have found that each client requires something different, and we can offer it to you.

Through the control panel we develop you can update the content of your website.

The content management console, the control panel, is a program we custom develop for you, it's online and allows you to update the content that is editable on your website.

It easy to use, simple and fast. To access it you only need a browser and an internet connection.

Do not hesitate and ask for a responsive real estate web design quote, we will send you detailed information and if needed we can narrow down a custom design and development for your project.

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