Phoenix web page

Phoenix web page

Never loose your domain or online brand. When you are ready you can let everyone know and invite them to the inauguration of your new online business or website.

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Phoenix web page from 300 €, keep your brand and stay in tough with your clients, then you can come back strong when your new project is ready. With a form for your clients to register their email so that you can contact them when your new project is ready.

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A Phoenix web page includes

  • 1 domain name: registration or transfer.
    For 1 year.
  • SSL certificate = HTTPS.
    For 1 year. For the domain name.
  • Parked hosting of the domain of 100MB.
    For 1 year.
  • Design of one web page: showing your logo + text + a form to subscribe emails.
    Design optimized for mobiles and computers
  • Control panel to download the subscribed emails list.
    Does not include software to send emails to the list
  • In one language.
    For example: English.

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Frequently asked questions about our Phoenix web page

Includes for 1 year:

  • The registration or transfer of 1 domain name types .com .org or .info , if you need another domain termination contact us
  • An SSL certificate for the chosen domain name.
  • Web hosting of 100MB for the domain parking on our servers.
  • A web page with: your logo, a text and a form to subscribe emails.
  • A control panel to download the list of subscribed emails.
  • Does not include software to send emails to the list.

Your Phoenix web page includes a web page showing your logo, a text (from 200 to max. 3000 characters) and a form so that your clients can enter their email and subscribe, this enables you to have a list of subscribers to reconnect with your potential clients when the time comes and your new project is ready.

You can provide your company logo and the text you want on the web page. We will advise you to obtain the best result.

If you order a Phoenix web page:

  • 300 you can't change the text, it is fixed. If you want to change it we would have to send you a quote for the service.
  • 340 yes, you can change the text whenever you like using the control panel that we will provide.

If you need to update the content of your website we recommend a custom website design or a custom eCommerce website design if you want to add products and receive orders.

Yes, of course you can, our motto is "If there is one word that defines the Internet it's change.". At Ailon Webs we will advise you and offer you our services to modify your website when you need it, so that it adapts to the needs of your business. If you have purchased a Phoenix web page you will already have the domain name, SSL certificate and you will have emails of people interested in your services, you will not lose the initial investment. You can always ask us for a quote without obligation.

How can a Phoenix web page help me?

You will:

  • Keep your domain name safe
  • Leave a message and collect customer emails
  • You won't lose contact with your customers
  • When you return, let everyone know and invite them to the inauguration of your new business or website.

We understand that there may be times when you cannot keep your web project up and running, but you need to save and plan for the future. Your domain name can be crucial in your project, therefore, we have thought of a way that you can keep your domain until you can to start a new web project and not lose any customers, by saving their emails.

You can protect your domain name or online brand so when you return you can let everyone know and invite them to the inauguration of your new business or website.

Current circumstances show us a great boom of the internet and how it is vitally important that your company or brand domain name is not lost, so we will register or transfer your domain to save it for future visibility on the internet.

A Phoenix web page is an excellent opportunity to keep your company online at a good price. This is very important for the future, do not wait any longer. Act now!

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