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We are specialists in web pages for electronic commerce (eCommerce). Do you need a website with a custom online store design? Ask us for a quote and start selling online.

Web development and custom online web store design

Custom online store - eCommerce

With our online store software it will be easy for you to sell on the internet, a responsive online store web design, optimized for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, starting at 650,00 €.

Professional custom online store

Sell on the internet with a responsive online store design and manage your content.

All our online stores include custom design, with responsive web design (mobile first) and a web content manager or CMS.

We have programmed and designed this software for online eCommerce stores with two fundamental goals:

  • offer your future buyers an easy and pleasant experience to make purchases online
  • that you, the seller, can update your online store content easily and quickly through the content manager

You can view some examples in our portfolio

Update you online store website content

In general, the content manager allows you to update three fundamental groups of elements that make up your website. One is the store with your products, categories and promotions, in second place the web content manager or CMS. and in third place we offer you tools to evaluate and analize your results.

Online Store


  • Your products: you will show detailed information, text, photos, price, offers, video, it also has the option to send the product link by email and download the product information in PDF file format.
  • Your categories.
  • Website homepage or store front with an animation and your news.
  • Organic search engine positioning for your categories and products.
  • Order list.
  • Submit your Sitemap to Google.
  • Tax configuration.
  • Shipping costs.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer, cash on delivery and PayPal.

What is a Sitemap?
It is a file that contains the list of URLs or addresses make up your website. It is used to let the web search engines know what pages to crawl, like the Google robot. In other words, a sitemap is a kind of warning for web crawlers to come and check out your website, especially if you have added new articles or products. This way the Google Search Engine will periodically update the number of pages indexed from your sitemap.

General content

You can also modify other elements and sections of the web such as:

  • Company logo
  • Sections like the homepage, about us, contact, general conditions and legal notice.
  • Links to your social network profiles facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and pinterest

Results and analysis

With the web content manager it will be easy to:

  • View your visits with Google Analytics.
  • View received orders.
  • Perform A/B Tests and decide the best ways to reach your audience.
Don't wait any longer to open your custom online store

Custom online store - Quick, easy and elegant

Your custom online store will have a responsive web design, this means that your customers will have the best web experience from their mobile, their desktop computer or from a tablet. This will make your online store easier for your customers to use and this helps a better performance: happier customers tend to return to your store and buy more.

If you contract the design of your online store made by professionals like us, you will have an online store website with an elegant and corporate image, this transmits trust and seriousness. You will have all the security elements in your online store, such as the SSL certificate. We will make sure that the design will make your products stand out and thus you will get the best results.

By opening your customized online store with us you will have all the technology and experience behind you. Our online stores offer you the perfect starting point to sell online. In the content manager you will be able to analyze the results you have in your online store in order to improve your sales. The market changes very fast and it is important that you have all the tools and technology on your side to be able to adapt to the needs of each moment.

Content manager for your custom online store

Once you access your new Content Manager for your new online store, you can follow the 3 tasks that the welcome page will indicate:

  1. The first thing you should do is add your email where the orders for your new online store will arrive.
  2. Then you must choose the forms of payment that you are going to accept.
  3. The last thing is the configuration of shipping costs, you can start offering free shipping costs from orders exceeding a purchase amount in order to quickly gain customer loyalty to your new online store.

After this, you must add your products to sell them online. The first thing you should think about is how you are going to sort your products by categories. We recommend that to start you do it as you have it in your physical store, even if your company's online store is a reproduction of your physical store on the internet.

With the added categories you can take photos of the products and upload them to your online store. You can do it with your mobile to be able to move freely, it is a very easy process.

What are the creation phases of a professional online store?

For us, the process of outlining what you need and making the design is part of the efficiency and beauty that a professional brings to the design of a professional online store.

1. Creation phase : We begin the creative process of your online store website, flow diagram and a representative sketch of the web design.

2. Approval phase : We present the mockup design of the website to the client for approval. It is time to make changes: comment on what we like, what we want to change.

3. Launch phase : We code the mockup of the website and the online store comes to life, we perform thorough tests to make sure that everything works perfectly, and this ends in the launch of the online store on the internet.

We have refined this process after using it with numerous clients, but here we are talking about a tailored online store, each project is different and it must be like that to give it that special touch that makes you connect with your potential clients on the internet. Your online store website must be at the height of your business project to ensure that it meets the objectives that we have set for ourselves when we launch a project to open an online store.

Why is a custom online store better than other packages on offer?

The advantage is that we can make the modifications you need from the quote of your online store, with the characteristics tailored for your customers and products, and as your business evolves or grows with the internet we can continue making more changes. We fully develop the online store and the software that manages its content.

With our 23 years of experience we have proven that each client needs something different, and at different times. We can offer you to make these changes at a very good price and thus you will obtain excellent results. It is not so easy to see everything your online store needs from the first moment, we always advise starting with a minimum of quality and then completing it. You will see if you decide to hire the design of a custom online store, sometimes it will be suggestions from your customers, new trends online, changes in search engines, there will always be some small detail that will help you improve your results and keep selling for internet, and for this it is very important that you have the support of professional programmers who can make any necessary changes.

Your business or company needs to have a website that works and that its users have the best possible experience.

Do not wait any longer to buy online store, setting up your website to sell is one more step to propel you into the future. We are specialists in online store or ecommerce websites. With our online store software it will be easy for you to sell on the internet.

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