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These are the features of the responsive online stores developed by Ailon Webs, visible on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and with tools to improve your sales.

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Mobile first optimized design

What are the features of our online store websites?

It is important that you know the features that your future online store will have, so you can get the most out of it. One of the features of our online store websites is that they are ready for you to buy so you can make your plans come true by selling your products online.

We have created these websites to sell online because we consider it is vital for you to buy or renew your online store website. With it you can show your corporate image, products or services that you offer and reach a very large audience, millions of people. Your website must evolve at the same time as your company, even better, your website should lead the evolution of your company, generating new business opportunities and reaching new markets.

Mobile optimized design

Mobile first and multi-device. Responsive web design, adaptive.

Online web store with mobile optimized design

Improve your results

With the content manager tools, analyze and improve results to control and improve your sales with our online store website.

Improve your results

Compatible and tested

Tested on the most modern browsers, according to standards for the online store development.

Compatible and tested on the most modern browsers

Fast, easy and elegant

Adding products has never been so fast and easy. An elegant solution to sell online...

Fast, easy and elegant

What do we offer to your online business?

Features of our ready-to-buy online stores

General overview

Content manager

The content management system or CMS of the Ailon Webs Online Store allows you to add the categories / subcategories of your choice in which you will classify your products. You will add products to your Ailon Webs Online Store with the fields name, descriptive text, price, sale price (optional), up to 6 images and a video linked to YouTube (optional).

Search engine

Your Ailon Webs Online Store has a search engine so that your customers can find your products easily and quickly by words in the name or the descriptive text of the product.

Home page of your website

On the front page or your Ailon Webs Online Store you can display between 1 and 3 banner images to capture the attention of your visitors. The design you choose includes a banner image and if you show more than one image they will rotate in an animation.

Also on the front page you can show up to 12 products randomly selected by the system. You can choose what products to show on the front page up to a maximum of 12.

Shopping cart and payment methods

The clients of your Ailon Webs Online Store will be able to add products to their order. Once your customer is satisfied with the order, they will be able to purchase the products of their order through the order page of your Ailon Webs Online Store. You decide which forms of payment you want to offer to your clients: cash on delivery and / or bank transfer and / or payment by PayPal (you must have a PayPal Business account).

Shipping costs

You decide if you want to offer free shipping costs or a price set by you for each destination, shipping costs will be added to the order.


Once the order has been placed, you and your client will receive an email from your Ailon Webs Online Store with an immediate notification of the order. You will be able to see a list of the orders in the content manager of your Ailon Webs Online Store

Editable texts

With your Ailon Webs Online Store you can edit the texts of your front page, About us section (with a photo), Contact and General conditions.

Social networks

If you wish you can link your social networks from your Ailon Webs Online Store (opcional).


From the content manager

We provide you with the support you need and your Ailon Webs Online Store will be a success! Always accessible from the content manager, you don't need to be an expert, just follow the steps and you will have a great Ailon Webs Online Store.


We also add our tips so ensure that you have the best results, in a section within help called Improve results:

  • How to increase visits to your website?
  • How to improve the product description text?
  • How to adjust shipping costs?

Security (HTTPS y SSL)


Our Ailon Webs Online Stores come with the secure protocol HTTPS so that data transfers are secure.
This protocol uses an encryption based on text security SSL/TLS, it creates an encrypted channel (at the remote server level and the browser used by the client) that is very necessary for the transfer of information in eCommerce. The goal is to encrypt sensitive information (user information, passwords, etc.) so that it cannot be used by an attacker who has intercepted the connection's data transfer.

HTTPS means for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate It is a computer security protocol, it is used to guarantee that the data of a user on the web is transmitted as encrypted. Usado para ofrecer a los clientes una forma segura para realizar las transacciones o compras.

This certificate allows you to change the HTTP protocol to HTTPS . The "S" in HTTPS stands for secure, and is the most secure version of HTTP.

The SSL Certificate must be purchased from an entity that certifies the encryption of the data and it has to be installed, and it has to be renewed annually.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer.

Benefits of an SSL certificate / HTTPS
  1. Data encryption: our Ailon Webs Online Stores and the users using the forms on the website will automatically have a secure encrypted connection. For example, when your client fills in the order form, the data will not travel in plain text format (readable in case someone intercepts it), but will be encrypted.
  2. Generates trust: for the users of your online store as it encrypts the data, and for Google that values it as a ranking signal that can benefit you in terms of positioning.
  3. Better SEO positioning: Google gives more importance to secure websites.

A secure website for Google is one that uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the transfer of hypertext data.

Results and analisis

The content manager of our Ailon Webs Online Store provides you with the data and tools to keep improving.

  • Orders: from which page have your users clicked and added the product to the cart, the top products that were added to the shopping cart and the top best-selling products.
  • A/B test: With A/B testing you test only one item at a time for accurate results. In the online store, it consists of having two possible titles A or B, or two possible main photos A or B or two prices A or B for the one product. After creating the test, your customers will be shown the product randomly in version A or version B. At the end of the test, you will see the results and you can select the one that has produced the best results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Title and description

From the content manager of your Ailon Webs Online Store once you have added your sections and products, you can control the information for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.): title and description (meta 'description' tag). The goal is for your store to be visible to search engines, it will help you position your website naturally (organic results).


You have two options for search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Automatic: our software automatically extracts the code for search engines from the product description to make it more convenient and save time.
  • Manual: you can use it when you need to optimize your code even more or fine tune it in a simple way.

You can do the same as described above with the sections of 'Home', 'About us', 'Contact' and 'General Conditions'.

S.E.O. means search engine optimization.

Web browsers

Ailon Webs Online Store is compatible with the latest versions of web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Safari
Browser Chrome Firefox Opera Edge Safari
Latest version

The online store works and is displayed as properly as possible, if you do not have an updated web browser, as long as it supports standards functions.

In other web browsers you may not be able to use all the functions.

Social networks

Use social networks with your online storeand you will increase the SEO optimization and your natural or organic positioning in search engines. Using the content manager of your Ailon Webs Online Store you can add the links to the profiles you have on these social networks (optional).

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


Programming languages used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery.


Terms of use of the software license

The use of our Services implies the acceptance of these conditions. We recommend you read them carefully. This software license is granted by Ailon Webs, to the User or Client as an essential element of the distribution of the Ailon Webs Online Store software product. When you purchase an Ailon Webs Online Store software license it is understood that you have read and accept our General conditions.

What does it offer?

For a year this is what you get:

  • A LICENSE of a Ailon Webs Online Store.
  • Registration of a domain name .COM
  • An SSL certificate that uses the HTTPS protocol (for the registered domain). Used to offer your customers a secure way to make transactions or purchases.
  • A hosting space to publish the website (called "hosting service").
  • The design you choose is not sold again while your license is valid.
  • Content manager for your website (called "control panel").
  • Email support.
  • Installation of the website package.

The license is for a single customer use. Not modifiable, if you do, the license is canceled. You can't sell the license.

Except as expressly stated herein, Ailon Webs will at all times own all intellectual property rights over the software. The license and the services provided by third parties necessary for the operation of the software, will be delivered to the Client for the exclusive benefit of the Client.

The Client:

The Client may provide or allow Ailon Webs to use certain proprietary information, such as service marks and logos that were created by the Client or previously owned by the Client. All such intellectual property will remain the exclusive property of the Client and will not be used by Ailon Webs for any purpose other than that in which the property was provided.

The Client is the sole owner of the website and the website design for the period of the license. Provided that you comply with the conditions and restrictions described above.

The content manager:

Credentials to access the control panel that manages the website's content and make use of the license:

  • cannot be made public or distributed to third parties
  • is valid for one year, and can be reissued for another year if renewed
Does not include:
  • Changes in the design, or in the programming.
  • Source files (like ending in .php, .html, .css, .js, images, etc.)

You may not redistribute, resell, rent, license, sublicense, or offer the downloaded website to third parties. The software cannot be modified by the Client or a third party.


  • The payment is only processed once and is not processed as an automatic charge or renewal.
  • The price of the annual renewal is 150,00 €.
  • By obtaining the software, the Client obtains access to the content manager during the contracted period.
  • After the license year expires, the Client may continue the service by renewing the license prior to expiration.
  • At any time, the Client can purchase a Renewal for his license. This will extend the period during which the Client can continue to use the software.
How to renew?

To renew the LICENSE, you must access through the control panel of your online store before the expiration date. On the 'Home' page you will see the 'Renew now' section, it indicates the day that your subscription to the contracted services ends. If you want to renew, click on the payment button. Once we receive the payment, the license is renewed for another year.

During the year your license is in effect, you can renew your license at any time before expiration for another year.

If the license expires?

When this year expires, the content of the website is automatically deleted and the domain name is lost.

Hosting service

  • As part of the license, Ailon Webs provides the Client with a hosting space to publish the website (referred to as "hosting service"). The hosting service is provided to the Client only if their license is active.
  • The hosting service is provided under license, at the discretion of Ailon Webs, and is subject to a fair use policy.
  • The amount of storage space for the website is 1GB.
  • By publishing his website with our hosting service, the Client declares that:
    1. They are the legitimate owners of all pages, texts, images and content uploaded, or that they have a license / permission to use said assets.
    2. The website adheres to EU laws and regulations.
  • Ailon Webs reserves the right to cancel a Client's website or deny the hosting service, in case of abuse, breach of these terms or if required by law.

Cancellation of the license

Ailon Webs may terminate this license by notifying you for breach of any of the terms set forth in this License Agreement.

Ailon Webs Online Store tested in the most modern browsers