Buy online store website Royal blue

Buy online store website Royal blue

Seize the chance! buy the Royal blue responsive online store website, mobile-friendly, stylish, in blue tones that transmit confidence.

Images of the Royal blue design for online store website

Buy online store website Royal blue

Royal blue screenshot of the front page on a smartphone

Buy online store website Royal blue

Screenshot of the front page with the navigation menu visible on a smartphone.

Buy online store website Royal blue

Royal blue online store

Buy online store website Royal blue

Full screen shot of the front page on a desktop computer

Buy online store website Royal blue

Screenshot of an order on a desktop computer

Buy online store website Royal blue

Screenshot of an order on a smartphone

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Royal blue online store website ready to buy

Designed in tones of blue, color of sky and water. Gives you an elegant and corporate image and as a result transmits harmony, trust and seriousness.

The Royal blue online store with responsive web design is easy to use and helps you get better results. If you choose to buy the Royal blue online store you will get an online store website ready to sell online. We help you to buy and setup your online store easily and simply.

Here you have a design for your online store at a good price

This is the best moment to buy this online store design at a good price and carry out the digitization of your company. The best moment really was yesterday, but the good news is that the second best moment is today and you can't waste any more time. Not being on the internet is a great loss of market for your company.

Before choosing the design for your online store, you can decide according to the price, the functions it offers you and the design that you like the most. We recommend that you choose an online store design with colors that go well with your products, so that they stand out on your online store and if possible, it is a good choice to make the colors match those of your traditional store if you have one in order to extend your traditional business in which you have invested so much time and money. This way you can keep your corporate colors, your personal brand image and your clients will recognize you right away.

Right now we can offer you the entire collection of Color Names with a series of online store designs ready to be released and start selling online, but if you need something more exclusive and made to measure we are also specialists in custom online store websites.

And what happens after choosing the online store design?

The process of buying online store is easy, you just have to choose your domain name, add your email account and make the payment.

Once the payment has been processed, we will contact you and give you the access codes to start running your online store. You will see that it is the same as the demonstration that you can see in the online store video demo.

Once you access your new Content Manager for your new online store, you can follow the 3 tasks that the welcome page will indicate:

  1. The first thing you should do is add your email where the orders and contact emails of your new online store will arrive.
  2. Then you must choose the forms of payment that you are going to accept through your store.
  3. The last thing is the configuration of shipping costs, you can start offering free shipping costs from orders exceeding a purchase amount in order to quickly gain customer loyalty to your new online store.

After this you are going to add your products to sell them online. The first thing you should think about is how you are going to sort your products by categories. We recommend that to start you do it as you have it in your physical store, so that your online store is a reproduction of your physical store on the internet.

With the added categories you can take photos of the products and upload them to your online store. You can do it with your mobile to be able to move freely around your store, it is a very easy process.

Do not wait any longer to buy an online store, choose the design of your online store to have your website and start selling. It is one more step to propel your business towards future success.

Detailed features

Price: 800

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You can view a demo

Do you want to know what it will be like to manage your own online store?

Then view the video with both the demo online store and its content manager. This way you can see if this is website you need to sell online.

If you need any modifications, do not hesitate to contact us by email

Links to the demo

Online demo store

Visit our demo online store video, and visualize what your online store website can look like

Go to Demo Store video

Content manager

View how the content manager is used to update the test online store. It is quick and easy to use.

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