Professional online catalog web design

You choose how you want to show your products and images on the internet. Make it professional with our online catalog responsive website design.

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Custom online catalog website design and development

Professional online catalog web design

Show the products or services you sell over the internet with a responsive online catalog website optimized for mobile, tablet, laptops and desktops, from 650,00 €.

Professional online catalog web design

Show and at the same time promote your products over the internet with our online catalog website design and manage your content.

The online catalog web design includes custom web design, with responsive web design (mobile first) and a website content manager or CMS.

Software programmed and designed with two main goals:

  • offer your customers an easy way to view your services or articles on the internet
  • that the seller can update the website content easily and quickly through the content manager

The purpose of this online catalog website design is to inform and display the items you sell and / or services you offer. The users of the website will be able to contact you by email when they are interested in any of your articles and / or services.

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Update your content

For the online catalog web design we propose a web content manager to update three fundamental groups of elements that make up the web. One is the catalog with your articles or services, categories and promotions, secondly the most general content and thirdly we provide you with tools to evaluate the results and analyze them.

Online Catalog


  • Your items or services. Each product will show detailed information, text, photos, video, with an option to send a link to the site by email and download the information in PDF file format.
  • Your categories.
  • Web front page with an animation and your news.
  • With natural positioning for search engines, in categories and products.
  • And to improve your positioning you can send your Sitemap to Google.

What is a Sitemap?
It is a file that contains the list of URLs or addresses make up your website. It is used to let the web search engines know what pages to crawl, like the Google robot. In other words, a sitemap is a kind of warning for web crawlers to come and check out your website, especially if you have added new articles or products. This way the Google Search Engine will periodically update the number of pages indexed from your sitemap.

General content

You can also modify other elements and sections of the web such as:

  • Company logo.
  • Sections like the homepage, about us, contact, general conditions and legal notice.
  • Links to your social network profiles facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and pinterest

Results and analysis

With the web content manager it will be easy to:

  • View your visits with Google Analytics.
  • Perform A/B Tests and decide the best ways to reach your audience.

Do you need anything else?

If you need any more sections, with updateable content or not, let us know so we can take it all into account when we send you our quote.