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For the first website for your company, or a new project, or to position your company and generate connections, or a website to lower costs for your company... a Lift-off Website is your opportunity to have great internet presence at a good price and excellent quality

The digitization of your business is the future. Don't wait. Lift off!

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We offer you the design of the web page you need to make your company to take off on the internet, with our lift-off website design plan for 660 €.

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What a lift-off website includes

  • 1 domain name: registration or transfer.
    For 1 year.
  • SSL certificate = HTTPS.
    For 1 year. For the domain name.
  • 1 GB of website hosting.
    For 1 year.
  • 1 email account.
    For 1 year. For the chosen domain name.
  • Design of a web page: with up to 5 blocks and link to legal text and to your social networks.
    Each block consists of 1 image and 1 text. Design optimized for mobiles and computers.
  • In one language.
    For example: English.

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Frequently asked questions about our lift-off website

Includes for 1 year:

  • The registration or transfer of 1 domain name.
  • An SSL certificate for the chosen domain name.
  • Hosting for your website of 1 GB on our servers.
  • One email account with your domain name, like
  • The design of a website with up to 5 blocks of 1 image and 1 text each. With a link to a legal text and your social networks.

Your lift-off website includes up to 5 blocks of up to one image and/or text.

For example:

  1. Block Home with your logo, 1 image and a welcome text.
  2. Block Services with a text of the services that your company offers.
  3. Block About us with an image and a text telling the story of your company.
  4. Block Location with an image and a text with the address.
  5. Block Contact with how to contact and opening times.

All the blocks are included within the same web page which will be accessed from your domain name on the internet.

You can choose the names of the blocks you want on the website for your company. We will advise you to obtain the best results.

No, texts and images are fixed. If you need to update the content of your website we often recommend a custom website design or a custom eCommerce website design if you want to add products and receive orders.

An SSL Certificate is a computer security protocol, it is used to guarantee that the data of a user on the internet is transmitted encrypted. In the web browser you will see the https protocol and a padlock indicating that your website is secure.

The lift-off website includes an SSL certificate since it generates trust and improves the positioning in search engines like Google. A secure website for Google is any website that uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the transfer of hypertext data.

Yes, of course you can, our motto is "If there is one word that defines the Internet it's change.". At Ailon Webs we will advise you and offer you our services to modify your website when you need it, so that it adapts to the needs of your business. If you have purchased a lift-off website you will already have the domain name, SSL certificate and web hosting, which may need to be updgraded depending on the new project, so you will not lose the initial investment. You can always ask us for a quote without obligation.

Hoy can a lift-off website help my company?

The circumstances that we have been experiencing in recent times show us the great boom of the internet and it is vitally important that your company has a web page so that your clients can find you on the internet.

This might be the first web page for your company, or if you are going to start a new project, or want position your company on the internet and generate connections, or if your company has to cut costs and you need a website with a lower cost for your company, a lift-off website is an excellent opportunity to be present on the internet at a good price and excellent quality.

Your company going digital is the future. Don't wait anymore, just lift off!

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We can help you carry out that idea you have to get your company off the ground. Tell us about your project for your company's website and request information or a budget without obligation. You can take a look at our porfolio .