Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Key points for the development of your website.

The structure of any communication process includes an sender that wishes to send a message to a receiver, so, your company wants it's website to reach the right audience. It is therefore critical in the begining of the project to ask: what audience do you want to reach?, what you want to convey? In order to provide information about your company that will open many business opportunities and will reinforce it's image with both existing customers and within your business sector.

Providing simple list of materials we can develop your website.

Basic material (preferably in digital format)

  • Company logo, if available.
  • Information, contact details and texts you want to include.
  • Images or photos related to your company and / or products.

For the development and design of a website we will only use elements belonging to the client or custom made, we will never copy or use third party content that is protected by law.

Simple, you contact Ailon Webs and tell us the domain name you want to register for your new online project. Ailon Webs will ask you for the information required for the registration and will send you an estimate for this service. Once you accept the quote we will proceed to register your domain name.

If there is one word that defines the Internet it's change. Refreshing your website is vital, it's looks and the information it holds. Your site must evolve with your company, even better, your website should lead the evolution of your company and generate new business opportunities, new markets, etc...

Contact us and we can make your ambition to grow your online business with Internet marketing come true. Your new website will open a new time for your business.

The main way to get visitors to your website on the Internet are search engines. We develop the necessary code to make these search engines find your website, and will discuss the 'key' words and phrases that will get the attention of the audience that you want for your business.

It is important to point out that search engines have programs which are called "robots" that scan the internet and build a huge database with all the websites that they find. If your website is made with the wrong code "robots" search engines can not read your website correctly, so it is more difficult for your website to appear in search engines and thus not have as many visitors or potential customers. We take special care with the source code of the web pages we create and make sure they are be validated by the W3C agencies for proper indexing by search "robots".

A vital point to consider is to choose a domain name or URL that is associated directly with the name of your company and the services you offer.

Another important tool is to have email accounts with your domain name, as this will promote your site with every email you send. And to include a corporate signature in every email you send to reaffirm your online corporate identity.

Include your URL or your domain address in all advertising of your business: signs, business cards, etc..

Include specific elements in your website to send or download to spread the word and increase your online visibility and get more visitors to your site.

Maybe you're deciding if you need to hire a professional website design service or use a free software package that your internet provider is giving away for free, like a blog or a package to create a free online store or a free eCommerce website.

It depends on the ambition you have with your new project. We all know that a professional service is always better than a global solution one-size-fits-all, but also more expensive. Do you know how much more expensive? Request a free quote and perhaps you'll be surprised.

Please note the following:

  • Our experience at your service. When you hire a professional website development service, like Ailon Webs, you begin a relationship that doesn't end when the website is ready and you pay the bill. We will be here to advise you and help grow your online business.
  • Invest in the future of your company. A professional website is not an expense but an investment in the IT of your company. It is not a trivial decision, it can mean the difference between your business growing or not.
  • Differentiation. Your business has competition. A professional design will always make you stand out and shine with it's own light.
  • Safe code. Free software packages require constant version updates. With a professional web design service you won't have these concerns. We will be monitoring the security of your website.
  • Correct code. You have probably visited a website with a broken image, incorrectly sized photo or text that runs out of the structure and is impossible to read. A website developed by a professional will never make your company lose face.
  • Add a department to your company. Hiring a professional web service is like outsourcing a department. You can hire us to perform the functions of your Online Marketing and Internet department without the fixed overhead of having us in the office.

If you still decide not to hire the services of a professional web developer, remember that the success you have with your website would have been greater. It is never too late to try. Request a free quote.

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A website is an investment, it offers your company a low cost but highly effective way of promotion.