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What do you need to have a web page?

By G. Lara & M. Soutto

what do you need to have a web page
What do you need to have a web page?

If you are planning on promoting your company on the internet or starting an internet business, you have probably wondered what do you need to have a web page? From our experience we want to help clarify what you can need to complete the project of having a new website for your company.

What do you need to consider when you want to have a web page?

Let's start with what we consider to be the first thing to think about, it might not be simple but very important to make a good final decision.

The first reaction is to go straight ahead and start to design the website, think about colors and images, but there is a prior step that is often overlooked. We will get to the planning and design stages right away, but it is very important to sit down and answer a few simple questions to make sure that your web page gives you what you really need.

Sometimes we get so caught up in prices and features that you tend to forget to think about the basics, simple questions that will turn your project into a solid idea so that we can build it up from there. If the web page is not built on a solid idea the results will not be so easy to measure and the result might not perceived as optimal. This will not take up much of your time but will give you valuable insights to make sure your web page delivers the results you need for your business.

1. What do you expect to get out of the web page?

As you know, there are many types of web pages and when we create a website we must take into account what do you expect to get out of your web page? do you want to sell online, request quotes on catalog of products, increase the reputation of your company, send offers to customers you already have in order to retain them, keep your customers informed...

Think about what you need

  • I want to sell my products on the internet
  • I want to show my product catalog and receive quote requests
  • I want to keep my clients informed
  • I need to retain the customers I have
  • I want...

Every day we see how prestigious brands use the network to retain their users, with a profesional web page design you will be able to keep your clients informed of the latest offers, news and also of your services and/or products, and all this will have an an impact on creating a good image for your company.


In this article we are going to use an example: a renovation company. This way you can see how we work out what they need for them to have their web page. Then you can apply it to your particular case.

The renovation company wants to showcase the work they have done, it is quality work so it will help them get more clients, in order to generate quote requests through their website.

what do you need to have a web page
What do you need to have a web page?

2. What would you usually need to change on your web page?

If you already know what you want to get from the website, now think about what you would need to change frequently on your website.

For example, if you had a section with news on your company's website, you would usually need to add it yourself without waiting for others to do so. Therefore, it would be necessary to add a Web Content Manager to your web page, and using this software you would quickly and simply add a text with an image, for example as your news of the day.

Or, you are thinking of having a web page tbat shows all the services you can offer, you would not need to have to update the content. Then a well structured web page would be what you are looking for to get your company or project off the ground, such as our Lift-Off Website.


The renovation company will need to upload images of their latest work.

3. In a sentence, what do you want to offer on the internet?

Considering the above, now it is important to synthesize in a sentence as short as possible, what you want to offer on the internet.

Why?. Because, this will lead you to decide several important things for when we, the developers of your website, start our work. The key phrases for your website are very important to decide your domain name and for your future clients to find you when they do internet searches.

It is important to be organized and start creating from a good foundation.


The key phrases that our renovation company has decided are: "quality renovations for your home", "professional renovations" and "we do your renovation work at a good price"

4. Decide on a domain name for your web page

With your own domain name and your emails with your domain name you promote your company.

Someone who places their domain name and their email showing the domain name on their delivery van has a positive impact on your corporative image, in the opinion of people who see it on the street. This creates a positive corporate image or brand image of your internet presence, and because it is a cheap, easy and fast way to advertise your website.


The renovation company in our example is recently created and does not have a family name. In this case they have decided that their domain name will be: qualityrenovations.com and use one of their key phrases. The domain name explains what they do and what they want you to know about their work: renovations and quality.

If your business has a family name or a long tradition, the name of your family is a good domain name, this will make your family tradition known online and will imply quality.

5. You don't need to be a computer expert. We will help you.

Throughout the process we will advise you, we have extensive experience in the design of professional web pages and we will open a communication channel with you in order to create the web page that suits your needs.

In the event that you need to update the content of your website with a Website Content Manger, we can tell you that its use is easy and simple, it has a help section and help tips are added in places that we know help might be required; and it is fully developed by Ailon Webs, this is why we can offer you a customized content management to match the needs of your company or business.


The renovation company in our example has consulted with us several times to take these first steps. They have no previous experience with web pages but they know that we are here to help them in everything necessary to create a web page and use it to improve their business.

They are professionals in their own business and they trust us, professionals to take their company to the internet.

6. Now is the best time to start to work on what do you need to have a web page.

Don't overthink it and act now, you will be very pleased you made this decision.

Think about what you need to create a web page for your company is the key step, we all know that the internet is the information highway and without a doubt it is a necessary way to do business. You can't stay behind.


The renovation company in our example has already decided and today they have received the first draft of their new web page.

Don't wait any longer and tell us about your project today.

what do you need to have a web page
You already know what do you need to have a web page


You already know that creating a professional website for your company is going to be the most economical and powerful promotion, without overlooking that it will save time and money for exchanging commercial information with your current and future clients. What do you need to have a web page is a good question to ask yourself when you are going to invest in a new website.

Your web page is an extension of your business but it can soon be a central and important feature when creating leads, impressing clients or improving your overall product sales. Going through these simple questions will help you create a solid project for your business online, your web page will be able to deliver the results you need and it's domain, composition, features, design and message will all be aligned with your business strategy.

In these times, what matters is how you are going to react in the face of adversity, we think that your company going digital is the future, These changes are here to stay and you shouldn't wait any longer. Take your company or project to the next level online. Lift off now!.

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

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