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Your website development cost estimate, an important starting point

By G. Lara

website development cost
Your website development cost estimate, an important starting point

The estimate for your website development cost is an important starting point to take the step and launch your company or project on the internet.
When a client asks us for a quote for a website, we go about it without delay, we produce a clear and transparent estimate. We have no hidden expenses or recurring payments.

What do you need to know the cost of your professional website?

When you think about hiring the development of a professional website for your company or web project, it is important that you think carefully about what you need, and if in doubt you should have a clear idea of the costs involved. In this article there are some starting points that you can consider What do you need to have a web page?

Our website development costs estimates come with no strings attached so you can ask us for variations or comparisons.

website development cost
Your website development cost estimate, an important starting point

So that you have all the necessary information we include the following points in all of our free quotes for the costs of a developing a web page.

1. Personal information

Our website development estimate salways include our details and the customer name and address, it is a personalized and non-transferable quote. Without intermediaries, we at Ailon Webs do all the work.

2. Domain name

We always mention the domain name or if it is not decided yet we specify the type of domain name.Not all domain names have the same cost, therefore it is important that the budget for your website cost specifies the type of domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.).

3. Web Hosting

Our website development quotes always specify the cost and the quota of the web hosting 1.
Hosting for your website is very important, you don't want your web page to have visibility problems. The servers we manage are monitored in terms of load and connectivity. We have extensive experience on the internet and we know well that there is nothing worse than a server crash, so you can rest assured that this topic is well covered.

1 Web hosting is the necessary web service that stores the information or content of your website (texts, images or other content). The name "hosting" referres to the place where the website and your e-mails exist on the Internet.

4. Email accounts

In our website cost budget we will also include how many email accounts you can have with your website.

5. The best hosting ammount for your website and emails

When it comes to web hosting, it is not a question of more is better, you may not need so much space for your web page.
It is better to start with a standard amount and then expand as you need more space.
If it is just a web page, the hosting space is not so important as your website will not grow exponentially, if your website shares space with the hosting of your email accounts you can save a lot of space (and money and complications) if you download the mail to your computer regularly (once a day for example) and as you erase the unwanted emails you will be freeing up a large amount of server space.
We will advise you and if you need to expand web hosting space or the number of emails we will prorate the price so that you do not lose what you have already paid. You will never lose your initial investment.

6. Duration of the web service

It is important that the estimate for your the price of your website includes the period of time that the contracted service lasts. Our standard period is 1 year since domain names and SSL certificates have a minimum contract period of 1 year on the internet.

7. Sections of your website and web content

The second part of the website estimate cost usually includes the sections that your website will have, what content they will include (text, images, products, shopping cart, etc) and which sections of your website will can be modified using the website content manager.

8. Website price

In the website development estimate the total price and included taxes will be layed out clearly. Our website quotes are 100% legal and are followed up by a 100% legal invoice if you contract with us.

9. Period of validity and payment methods

At the end of our website development estimates we include the date until the estimate is valid and the forms of payment.

This way you will have all the necessary information to know what it can cost you to have a new website for your company. We also have many web pages already designed at a good price that can help you start your project and then grow when you need it.

10. Request a quote for your website now

Don't wait any longer, the best time to launch your project and have an internet presence is now. Request a web development quote for your business project.

website development cost
Your website development cost estimate, an important starting point

Our website development estimates are:

  • No strings attached. You do not commit to anything and we do not charge to make them. They are informative.
  • Made to measure. We do not offer you more than you need, there is always time to expand in the future when your project demands it.
  • Economical. We adjust prices, we do love our work, but we need to charge for it.
  • Detailed. We want you to have all the information on what your next web page will have.

In one sentence, when you request a website development quote it is important that you can see in a single document and at a glance what it includes, for how long and the price the website will cost you.

You can also get an idea of what will come after the estimate when you have contracted a web page development with us reading What are the steps of professional web page design?

Your website development cost estimate made by professionals.

If your project needs a more specific custom web design, the estimate will also need to be carefully made to measure, you can ask us for a web development quote no strings attached.

We have extensive experience making all types of web pages, we like to program and design web pages, so it has been easy for us to learn with our clients and evolve day by day with all the changes that come about on the internet.

We are specialists in all the different types of custom web design, we have carefully programmed all the different tools that make a website able to perform its functions, like web content managers, online store websites, real estate web pages or catalog display. This is why our clients' websites can grow at the same speed as their company, we tailor everything they need, you can start with a basic web page and progressively we can help you grow and develop all the potential that your company need at any time.

This is why we invite you to request an estimate for a new website right now, it can change the way your company get clients on the internet or it can boost that new business project, whether it is an online store, real estate websites, online catalog display website, gallery to display your images, for a country house, hotel, pension, rural accommodation, motel or hostel, web pages for hotels or restaurants, restaurants, cafes, wedding halls, inns... do not wait any longer and get your website development quote

Conclusion on your website development cost.

Getting a website website development cost estimate is simple when we know what the person requesting it needs, this is why it is extremely important that we get the most detailed website quote request. We don't need a whole set of ideas, it is better to be clear and synthetic so we can focus on the important pillars of the new website project. Our experience has taught us that depending on the project, there are things that we must take into account with a high priority, others medium and others low, doing this we can adjust the completion times so that the price is as tight as possible.

When you have a project in mind, or you just need a new website for your company, you must go through the task of requesting a website website estimate, but this should not stop you. We believe that having a modern and up-to-date website, which is easy to use and navigate, where you can update the web content without delay by yourself with the website content manager, will give a very good image to your brand or business name. Go right ahead, all the website estimates that Ailon Webs makes are without any commitment, made to measure, economical and detailed. Request a website quote now!

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