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SEO trends 2021 what's new in positioning

By G. Lara

seo trends 2021
SEO trends 2021 what's new in positioning

In November 2020 Google announced changes to its positioning or ranking algorithm that will probably take place in May 2021

In this article we are going to make a brief summary and analysis of the main indicators for the SEO ranking of web pages in Google search results that will mark the SEO trends 2021, and are announced to come into play around the month of May. This is important so that you can stay up to speed and don't miss out in order to get the best SEO 2021 positioning for your website or online store. Sometimes changes to a web page take time and that is why Google warns us in advance so that we prepare for the new SEO trends 2021.

At Google Search our mission is to help users find the most relevant and quality sites on the web.

Google Search Central

The intention of the search engine is and continues to be, give the best positioning and show in the first search result positions to the web pages that offer the user the best possible experience. In order to acheive this it is very important to have great content, but in addition to the content there are a number of technical considerations that must be taken into account in order to be displayed in the top positions of the search results and have a great positioning.

What does it mean?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

User experience, a novelty in the SEO 2021 ranking

This is going to be the main novelty in the SEO trends 2021, as from May 2021 the Google search engine will begin to take into account the indicators of user experience on a web page to organize the ranking of search results. So the higher your website scores in the user experience indicators, the higher it will appear in the search results and will improve the SEO positioning of the page.

What is the user experience on a web page?

Google considers the "user experience on a web page" as how users perceive their interaction with a web page.

How is the user experience measured on a web page?

To measure the user experience, Google uses a set of indicators that evaluate aspects of the pages that go beyond the information they offer. So the content of your web page can be of a high quality but in addition to this you will have to have a good score in technical aspects in terms of how your content is presented to the user to achieve a good SEO positioning in 2021.

The main indicator that will be taken into account are the web vitals metrics, in this other post of ours you can read all about them: using web vitals to measure user experience on a web page

The core web vitals are

  • Page loading
  • Time to interactivity
  • Visual stability

To measure these parameters we have a series of tools we use to test web pages so that we can identify areas for improvement to improve the user experience and as a side effect improve SEO ranking and positioning.

So one of the SEO trends in 2021 is that the user experience will be added as one of the hundreds of indicators that Google takes into account when generating search results.

seo trends 2021
Search Page Experience Graphic - SEO trends 2021 what's new in positioning
Source: Google Search Central: Search Page Experience Graphic.

The most relevant content, vital for SEO positioning in 2021

The experience when browsing a web page is more important than ever, but Google will continue to give a higher ranking to web pages that offer the most relevant information.

No matter how good the user experience, the content of the web page has to be of quality so that it has a good position in the search engine results. When many pages with a similar level of relevance appear in the search results, the experience offered to the user is taken into account when positioning them in the search results or SERP ranking (Search Engine Results Page).

We can narrow this down to the best content wins, but if the content is just as relevant, the page with the best user experience wins.

Optimization for mobile devices, still one of the SEO trends 2021

In 2021 this indicator will continue to be used to position results in Google search.

When it comes to searching on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results in a format compatible with the device they are using. For years now, more mobile users have been searching than from desktop computers, so Google has adapted its algorithms to these usage patterns.

For this purpose, Google also has metrics that test a web page to see if it gives a positive experience to mobile users, such as text size, loading speed, button size, etc.

Safe browsing, old but still important for SEO 2021

This is one of the oldest indicators, Google has considered it important for more than nine years. Safe Browsing controls that there are no security problems on a web page. Over the years this indicator has become more sensitive and it has now expanded its protection to cover additional threats to user security, such as deceptive websites and unwanted software.

We must be especially careful with third-party software or web pages made by non-professional programmers, having a security problem on our website can bring all kinds of problems, one of them is harming our positioning in search engines. So it is a point that we must not forget if we want a good SEO 2021 ranking.

HTTPS, essential for search engine optimization in 2021

Security has always been a fundamental issue for the web and also for Google when it comes to organizing search results. They continue to strive for a safer internet for everyone, so safe browsing is becoming the standard for SEO rankings on Google.

The important thing is to know that if you want a good positioning for your website in 2021 your website must have an SSL certificate.

So basically, an HTTPS certificate on your website generates trust and improves your SEO positioning: Google gives better positioning to secure websites, a trend that will continue in 2021.

Using intrusive interstitials: an obstacle to SEO 2021 positioning

This point is very much in line with the first two points of the article: the core web vital metrics to measure the user experience on the website and the user experience using a mobile phone. These are two of the main novelties for SEO trends 2021 and this point not only reinforces it but shows us what not to do instead of what to do.

Google likes a web page that you can access with a mobile and has text and content on the page that can be read without zooming. What it doesn't like is when intrusive interstitials are shown to users on a web page. While the underlying content is present on the page and available to be indexed by Google, the content may be visually hidden by an interstitial layer. Google thinks this can frustrate users because they can't easily access the content they expected when they clicked on the search result, so it penalizes you.

What is an interstitial?

Interstitial refers to a pop-up banner on the web page that is loaded above the content of the page, it can be a video, an advertisement, an image or a window that you have to close before you can continue reading the web page.

Interstitial ads allow you to display interactive advertising to users of web pages and mobile applications. They are designed to be placed between content, so the best placement for these types of ads are the logical transition points and not on top of the content, but many times they are misused and cover or displace the content of the web page to capture the maximum user attention.

Google believes that pages that display intrusive interstitials provide a poorer experience for users than other pages where the content is immediately accessible. And Google wants users to have the best possible experience, so placing layers on top of your web page content should be avoided.

Some examples of techniques that make content less accessible to a user are:

  • A pop-up window is displayed covering the main content, either immediately after the web page loads or while the user is reading the web page.
  • Show a separate interstitial that the user must discard before accessing the main content.
  • Use a layout where the top of the page looks like a separate interstitial, but the original content has been inserted below the fold.

There are exceptions such as cookie warnings and age verification windows that are necessary on some web pages to comply with current laws and are not penalized by Google's search algorithms.

Conclusion on SEO trends 2021

The indicators we have reviewed in this article and will mark the SEO trends of 2021 are just one of the hundreds of indicators that are used in the Google search results.

Regardless of the SEO trends 2021, the main indicator is still the intention of the user's search query, and if your website answers this query well and you have excellent and relevant content you can have a high ranking in the search results. But if you compete for position, all the indicators mentioned above will help you get the best possible positioning and as a result bring more traffic to your website.

In addition, if you follow the main new SEO trend of 2021 core web vital metrics for the user experience on a web page you will give the user an excellent experience and it is more likely that the user will want to return to your website or buy a product in your online store.

Following the SEO 2021 trends is the best investment you can make to improve the results of your website.

At Ailon Webs we are programming and web design professionals, we use our own tools and those provided by Google to analyze web pages and make sure that they meet the main objectives of SEO positioning such as good content, excellent user experience and clean, correct and secure code. If you want your website to improve its positioning in search engine results or you need a new website or online store that meets all the standards and requirements of excellence, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.


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