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How to improve visits and sales on my website

By G. Lara & M. Soutto

how to improve web sales
How to improve visits and sales on my website

You may be wondering why the visits to my website have decreased? or why have sales decreased on my website?

On the internet everything changes, so it is important to keep up to date so that the changes don't affect our business. Here we explain the keys to the latest changes and how you can check if they are affecting you.

Why have visits to my website decreased?

Every time Google changes its algorithm, it affects the positions of web pages in search results. So fewer customers may be finding your website.

Google has changed its algorithm in 2021. In our article SEO Trends 2021 you can read all the new key factors in SEO positioning that include the novelty of Google measuring the User Experience on your website.

The announced update of Google's alogorithm is already beginning to be noticed. As a reminder, the page experience rating update started rolling out slowly on June 15, 2021, and the rollout will be completed on August 31, 2021. Google's focus is the user experience on the website. It must be excellent, the best we can offer.

How can I know if the Google update has affected the positioning of my website?

The first thing you can do is visit the Google Search Console of your domain.

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website's appearance in Google Search results.


Steps to open Google Search Console for your website:

  • Visit the url https://search.google.com/search-console/
  • Add the domain of your website
  • Prove that you are the owner of the website, there are several options to do this, the simplest is to upload an HTML to the web server. Help link: how to add website properties
  • Verify and you will be able to see the data of your website in the Google Search Console

If you would like us to send you a report on how to improve the performance of your web page do not hesitate to contact us.

Once inside the Google Search Console the first thing we want to check is the "User experience" graph. Remember that to measure the user experience on a web page Google has created the Web Vitals concept. At first we only had lab results, but now Google is using real user results shown in this section of the Google Search Console .

If the graphic you see in the Google Search Console of your website looks like this, you must improve the user experience on your website as soon as possible:

Website with PageSpeed that needs improvement.
Example of a website with PageSpeed that needs improvement.

If your sales and visits have dropped, it is very likely that the measurement of the new Google User Experience is affecting your website. It is necessary that you make changes to your website to improve the user experience and thus improve your SEO positioning in Google to get more visits and more sales through your website.

We can improve the PageSpeed of your website, contact us and we will send you a quote.


On the other hand, if the graph you see looks more like this:

Example of a website with excellent PageSpeed.
Example of a website with excellent PageSpeed.

!! Congratulations!! Your website offers a good user experience and your positioning will not be affected by the recent changes.

Google is still adjusting its algorithms and the results depend on the data provided by the users who visit your website, so it is recommended that you monitor the console and as soon as you notice any changes make changes to improve your website.

How to improve the performance of my website

In Google Search Console we can also see the most visited urls and which keywords bring the most traffic to our website. It is a good idea to review the table below the "Performance" graph.

Adjusting keywords is another way to improve the performance of your website. It is important that the keywords that generate the most traffic are related to the product or service that you want to sell through your website. This is achieved with a good SEO optimization of the your website.


If you notice that your sales or visits have dropped on your website, it is a good idea to consult the Google Search Console of your domain to check if your website is up to date or needs some changes to continue giving you good results.

Google is now measuring the experience that your users have on your website with a series of metrics that can affect the performance of your business. Act now before the changes affect you, so you can continue to sell online successfully.


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