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5 keys to offer the best user experience on a real estate website

By G. Lara

user experience on a real estate website
5 keys to offer the best user experience on a real estate website

When a user comes to our real estate website it is very important that they have the best possible experience. When the user views the information shown on the website or navigates through our real estate website, it is vital that the experience is optimal, otherwise they will give up and we will lose a potential client.

In this article we analyze 5 key points that will help improve the user experience on a real estate website, in order to improve the conversion of users to clients.

We have extensive experience in developing web pages for professionals in the real estate sector and we know well what works on the internet. If you are interested in a quote for a custom real estate website, do not hesitate to calculate your real estate website quote and contact us.

How to improve the user experience on a real estate website

1. The real estate website has to be responsive

This means that the user experience must be the same across all screen sizes: excellent.

Nowadays it is more than possible that the same user consults your real estate website from several different devices. It is very important that the user has the same quality of experience and does not notice the change from one screen size to another.

For example: it is possible that a user finds your real estate website while navigating with his mobile and decides to return later from a computer. A truly responsive website will offer you the same interface and user experience on both devices. The quality and clarity of navigation and display of information will not be affected. This will result in greater user confidence and less friction when contacting or contracting on this website.

This is why, for years now, all the web pages that we develop are responsive and we do not charge more for it, we consider it as part of making a quality professional web page.

You can read more about the responsive web and its advantages in our article Responsive web design. What is it? and how does it work on mobile?

2. The property finder has to be excellent

It is very possible that a user has come to your real estate website in search of a property with very specific characteristics. For this reason, it is essential that the user can define what they are looking for through the property search engine on your real estate website.

We think that it is vitally important that the property search engine:

  • is present without having to look for it
  • is intuitive to use
  • is complete with lots of options
  • is easy to use, not all options need to be filled in if they are not important to you
  • has a "memory" and if you want to refine your search you don't have to fill in everything again
  • is "smart" and can recommend other options

Here your experience as a real estate agent comes into play, you can ask us to adjust the search fields to those that you know you can offer and get that client. We are custom programmers so the result of your real estate website can be really unique and with less investment than you imagine. Don't waste any more time and get in touch about your new custom real estate website today.

user experience on a real estate website
Un buen motor de búsquedas es fundamental para obtener una excelente user experience on a real estate website.

3. The information must be complete

The information displayed on your real estate website has to be shown in an attractive way but also easy to read. The characteristics of each property must be well exposed so that the user can compare between several. This is why consistency is very important.

Property listings should also be clear and easy to page and sort. You should be able to filter the information at a glance and be able to return to the same point in the list where you were. Hasn't it ever happened to you that browsing a web page you get lost and you don't know how to return to the previous point? We take all these situations into account so that the user never gets lost on your real estate website and can find what they are looking for.

Another important aspect that we have developed with years of experience in real estate websites is to provide our websites with a mechanism so that the user can save properties that interest him in "My list of properties". So when the client requires it, they can request information or visit all of them at once, this way you will have a more complete vision of what the client is looking for. We all know that there are many properties on the internet and sometimes it is difficult to navigate through them without confusing details, this way we have verified that users can make their favorites list and filter what they want to consult without wasting time or giving up due to lack of clarity from some websites.

4. The navigation of the real estate website must be clear

The menu of a web page is very important so that the user spends more time viewing the properties and services you offer. You should be able to see at a glance:

  • where to find a desired property
  • check my list of saved or favorite properties
  • information about the real estate company responsible for the service
  • interesting information about the area where the properties are located
  • explanations on buying / selling procedures
  • important points to consider when selling / buying a property
  • information about other after-sales services you can offer
  • how to contact and / or find your office

Here again, your skills and experience as a real estate agent in your area come into play. Our custom programming will help you stand out through your website, offering information and access to procedures in innovative ways for your clients. It is important to make life easier for your potential client and information technologies are ideal for this.

Video demonstration of real estate website

In this video you can see an example of a basic real estate website design in action. Advanced search engine, featured properties on the front page. Easy navigation.

We enter the content manager to add a property with your data, your photos and publish it on the web. To promote it a little more, we add the new property to the front page as a featured property and put it in the first position.

We return to the public part of the website where we show you the new property on the front page of the real estate web, we enter its property detail, we see its photos and we enlarge them.

5. An effortless point of contact must be found

When the user has a question, they should have a web form at hand to contact you. If it is difficult to find or it is necessary to make a phone call, the client might desist. The next thing to a doubt should be a form to contact you in a few clicks, without having to think. For this reason, our real estate websites have multiple points of contact through forms carefully placed in key points of the website so that you do not miss opportunities.

The flow from when the client gets their information to when he makes contact is important in the user experience on a real estate website.

The last three points analyzed are achieved with a lot of experience in user interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. You can read more about these points in our article Trends in web design, UI and UX. These are issues that we take into account when we start developing a web project. We have years of experience and we know what works and what doesn't, with real data.

Today is still always, all life is now.

Antonio Machado

Now is the time to offer your clients the best experience and service through a new real estate website. We have a basic plan for real estate websites, but each client is different so you can use it as a base to start and then grow with your business. Contact us and we will tell you about our work process.

Conclusions on user experience on a real estate website

On many occasions, the first meeting point between the client and the real estate agency or real estate agent is through their website. That is why it is vital that your website is specially designed as a real estate website, created with all the intentions of turning the user experience on your real estate website into a client, and also a satisfied client who will recommend you.

If you already have a real estate website it is important that you review these points that we have analyzed to see if you think they are fulfilled or if they can be improved in some way. If you are not sure you can contact us and we can give you ideas on how to improve the user experience on your website.

Google is very aware of the user experience on web pages and for this reason it has created a series of metrics that measure the user experience on web pages. This score will influence the positioning of your website in search engines during the course of 2021. So if you do not want to lose visits to your website it is important that you are informed about the SEO trends 2021 what's new in positioning.

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