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5 keys for the professional management of a real estate website

By G. Lara

professional management of a real estate website
5 keys for the professional management of a real estate website

The most important part of your real estate website is content. The content of your real estate website is what will attract your clients, convince them to make them come back or recommend you. In real estate websites designed by us, the content can be managed by you through the content manager. So the content manager of your real estate website should be very important to you.

We are experts in programming and designing web pages for professionals in the real estate sector and we know well what works on the internet. If you are interested in a quote for a custom real estate website, do not hesitate to calculate your real estate website quote and contact us.

Important keys for the professional management of a website for real estate

In this article we analyze 5 points that you should consider when hiring and managing a website for professionals in the real estate sector.

1.The content manager has to adapt to your needs.

It is important that you can upload your properties to your website. You will do this through the content manager. It is important that your potential client can view all the relevant information about your properties, images and videos with their maximum splendor so that they find them attractive and want to contact you. We do custom programming, so any extra field or change you need we can do it.

Nowadays real estate professionals use many management tools to contact theis clients, social networks, software environments in the office, etc. It is important that property and customer data can be transferred and used between one system and another. Our content manager offers you options to download your properties in a list format so that you can transfer your data between systems. We are always open to new ideas or needs of our clients. It is important that you have professionals by your side who can create customized solutions for your real estate website and sustained the service over time, we have an experience of more than 20 years!

Small details can make the professional management of a real estate website easy or a nightmare.

2. Search engine optimization: a continuous job.

If you have experience on the internet, you will know that search engine positioning involves continuous and specialized work to get the maximum possible visits to your real estate website. Our content manager adds the data of your properties in the parts of the code to achieve this positioning. A specific semantic url is also generated for each property, in each language, as well as for each property image, so that you have all the positioning options.

In this other post on our blog we go into detail about SEO for real estate: Real Estate SEO as configured on our real estate web pages that you can consult to deepen the subject. But we want you to know that we are very aware of automating the content manager as much as possible but leaving you the freedom to configure what you want by hand.

professional management of a real estate website
5 keys for the professional management of a real estate website

3. Your website must reflect your professional image

Quality content only shines on a quality website. In this other post on our blog we talk about the importance of the user experience on your real estate website: 5 keys to offer the best user experience on a real estate website.

On many occasions, the first meeting point between the client and the real estate agency or real estate agent is through their website. For this reason, it is vital that your website is specially designed as a real estate website, created with all the intentions of turning the user experience on your real estate website into a client, and also a satisfied client who will recommend you.

Here your experience as a real estate agent comes into play, you can request those small changes or sections that you want to integrate in order to add, from the content manager, all the information about your area, the procedures, trends, legal issues, etc. and give that added value to your real estate website that will capture the attention of customers.

4. Legality: your website must show the legal texts and correctly manage cookies

The legislation of the European Union is one of the strictest in defending the rights of Internet users in the world. It is important that your content manager allows you to add the necessary legal texts and that your real estate website makes a correct and legal management of cookies. You can also manage the legal texts through the content manager.

Did you know that according to current regulations no cookie can be set until the user gives their explicit consent? Many web pages do not comply with the legislation because they use third-party software, created for other countries outside the European Union where their legislation is not so demanding. For this reason, it is important that your website complies with the law and that you have professional programmers who can create the website that guarantees security for its users.

5. Security: web forms, HTTPS, etc..

It is clear that as a professional you need a secure website that does not give you headaches. It is important that you can be sure that your website has professionals behind who deal with these issues.

The first thing we will do is install an HTTPS certificate that will encrypt all communication between your website visitor and the server. Did you know that Google considers a web page that does not use HTTPS as unsafe? This can also affect your search engine optimization. An HTTPS certificate on your website generates trust and improves your SEO positioning, Google gives better positioning to secure websites. You can read more about this in our article on SEO trends 2021 what's new in positioning.

Another point that needs special attention are the forms on your real estate website. When the user has a question, they should have a web form at hand to contact you. This is why our real estate websites have multiple points of contact through forms carefully placed in key points of the website so that you do not miss opportunities. But forms can be a source of Spam, we will also take care that this does not happen to you, you can read more about it in 3 strategies to control spam in web forms, but you will not have to worry about this, this is what we are here for.

You will also have professional technical support

Ailon Webs customers always have a place to turn. On the internet, change is a constant and an infinity of situations or doubts can arise. When contracting your real estate website from us you will have a team of professional programmers behind you and you can ask us any questions or ideas you have.

Video demonstration of real estate website

In this video you can see an example of a basic real estate website design in action. Advanced search engine, featured properties on the front page. Easy navigation. You can see a basic action of professional management on a real estate website: we enter the content manager to add a property with its data, its photos and publish it on the web. To promote it a little more, we add the new tab to the front page of the web where we put it in the first position.

We return to the public part of the website where we show you the new property on the front page of the real estate website, we enter its property page, we view its photos and we take a look at them full screen.

Now is the time to hire a professional real estate website and have the best management of your online business. We have a basic plan for a real estate website, but each client is different so you can use it as a base to start and then grow with your business. Contact us and we will tell you about our work process.

Conclusions on the professional management of a web page for real estate

The management of your real estate web pages must be easy and fast for your website to be a success. You will have to add quality content in a web environment that makes it shine and is easy to find for search engines and users.

The content manager of your real estate website must be able to be updated with ideas and needs that arise over time. We will help you make innovation a source of opportunities on the internet.

Your real estate website must offer you the legality and security that your business needs on the internet, and this is achieved through qualified and experienced professionals.

If you already have a real estate website you can review these points that we have analyzed to see if you think they are met or if they can be improved in some way. If you are not sure you can contact us and we can give you ideas on how to improve the management and results of your real estate website.

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