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Create your strategy to sell online

By G. Lara & M. Soutto

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Create your strategy to sell online

You already have your product or service that you want to sell online. You are creating quality content and you are starting to have a lot of followers on social networks.

It is the moment to create your strategy to sell on the internet. It is time to open your online store to centralize the monetization of your talent, this will allow you to continue doing what you love for many years.

How to come up with a strategy to sell online

In this post we are going to analyze how you can go from having followers on social networks to monetizing your popularity by centralizing your strategy in selling through your online store.

The roots: your ideas

You have been maturing the idea for a while and finally everything has started to add up. Creating content to promote your products is easy and you like it. You are filling social networks with great images, videos and phrases, your audience is responding and you have quite a few followers, some very loyal.

Your ideas are like the roots of the tree, necessary to feed your strategy to sell online, you only need to bring all this attention to the trunk: your online store.

The trunk: your online store

For your online selling strategy to be effective, you must have a clear idea that everything must come together in your online store. Your online store needs to be your center of operations, where your audience can refine exactly what product or service they want, can place an order and choose between the payment methods you offer.

Your product is excellent and you spend time creating quality content for social networks, so you cannot have a mediocre online store.

vender por internet
Create your strategy to sell online

If you go for a free template website, make sure your competition has not chosen the same one, because this will dilute your brand image. It is always better to choose a custom online store design so that it lives up to the image you are giving on your social networks, your followers expect no less. It's a shame to go from a great image to a web page that has sections in wrong languages or filled with test texts. This gives a bad image and will detract from your potential clients' trust.

If what you are concerned about is the price of going for a custom online store website, we have several options. We can offer you the Color Names collection of Pre-designed Online Store websites, with all the functions of a professional online store for 960 €. The online store website designs in the Color Names collection are exclusive, that is, as soon as a design is bought, it is withdrawn and not sold again. Your online store will be exclusive and your competition will not be able to cast a shadow on your image that you have taken so much work to create.

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The Internet is a very wide market and if you have a great product you can sell online more easily than you imagine. We have extensive experience and have seen it many times. If you take the step and hire a professional online store website, you will not regret it. The investment is low compared to the non-digital world. You can even have a custom online store from 1300 €, an investment that you can recover immediately and even pass on as an expense.

Having an online store will help you to sell online, as you will centralize all the characteristics of your products, check your orders and control your payment methods.

Our online stores also have more advanced tools such as A/B tests or results and analysis that will help you see at a glance what you can improve to sell more online.

AB Testing a tool to improve the sales of your online store

An AB Test is a new and powerful data analysis tool that will allow you to decide the best parameters for your products to improve the sales of your online store.

As its name indicates, we start from two versions of the same thing: version A and version B. Version A or B, only one of the two, is displayed automatically and randomly for a predetermined time. At the end of the test, you can see which of the two has given better results.

Results and analysis in your online store

Our online stores help you connect your website to Google Analytics that provides you with the data and tools to continue improving your sales.

Tools to sell online

You will have simple tools that will answer very common questions, such as:

  • Distribution of product origins to cart: From where do customers add products to their order? At what point are they convinced to buy a product?
  • The list of "Top products added to cart", this list should coincide with the "Top Sellers". If there is a product gets added to the basket a lot and is not sold, we recommend that you review the price of the shipping costs of the product.
  • Best-selling products and the payment methods that your customers choose the most.

You will see that centralizing all your efforts in your online store will give you great results so that your business grows and you can generate income by selling online.

The leaves: your social networks

If your work on social media is paying off, you shouldn't stop. You must bear in mind a very important point: the call to action.

All your publications must carry a call to action that motivates your audience to act and visit your online store. We want them to take the step of simply admiring what you promote to buying your products, trying them and you know that this way they will become customers who will recommend you.

You can publish part of your content on social networks and another part on your website so that they follow the second part by visiting your website and from there offer products just one click away.

You can also use your social networks to offer discounts that can be used in your online store. Other ideas are challenges or promotional contests so that they have a gift with their next purchase for example. Surely you have many ideas for actions with your products, what you must not forget is to include the call to action so that they visit your online store to increase your internet sales.

Conclusions on creating a strategy to sell online

Do not generate all your content for social networks, generate the content for your website, which is where you can monetize your product or service. Social networks help you to spread your product but you should always take into account the intention that your audience ends up on your online store website and so you can sell online.

Your online web store must be as exclusive and good as the content you are generating on social networks. A professional website is the best investment for your business to prosper and stand out on the internet.

If you centralize your strategy in your online store instead of just social networks, you can turn followers into customers who can enjoy your quality products and you will continue to prosper wherever you are.

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