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How to set up your website to digitize your business

By G. Lara & M. Soutto

setup website to digitize your business
How to set up your website to digitize your business

This is the best time to set up your web project and undertake the digitization of your company. To be fair, the best moment was yesterday, but the good news is that the second best time is today. You can't waste any more time. Not being on the internet is a great market loss for your company. Get your online store today.

An example of how to setup your website to digitize your business

This is what happened to Anna. Sales of her physical business have been decreasing but she has not had time to do the digitization that she needed.

Finally she decided to take the step, she consulted ailonwebs.com

Setup your online store website to digitize your business

She followed the first steps to selling online and she decided to view the online demo video to get an idea of what it would be like to set up her own website and fill it with her products. She had never done it before but saw it is just as easy as using WhatsApp or email.

Now all she had to was to choose the online store design. She chose colors that suited her products, to make them stand out. She also decided that the colors would match the ones of her physical store, so her online store looks like an extension of her physical store she has spent so much time and money on. This way she is extending her corporate colors onto her online business.

The rest of the process was very easy, she just had to choose a domain name, add an email account and make the payment. Her website was up and running. She has taken the first step digitize her business.

They got in touch right away and gave her access codes her new website. She found it to be the same as the demo she had viewed earlier so it was all familiar.

She accessed the content manager of her new online store and followed the 3 tasks indicated on the welcome page:


  1. The first thing she did was add her email so that she would receive the orders from her new online store.
  2. Then she chose the payment methods that she would accept on her website.
  3. The last task was the configuration of shipping costs and she decided to start offering free shipping costs for orders over € 50 in order to quickly gain customer loyalty to her new online store.

After all this she went to work to add her products to her new website. The first thing she considered was to order them by Categories in the same way she already has done in her physical store. She wants to digitize her business so that her website is a reproduction of her physical store on the internet.

Once the Categories are added, she began taking photos of her products and uploading them to her online store. She did this using her mobile as she moved around the store, and she found it a really easy task.

Content of the online store

  1. Categories: to classify your products.
  2. Products: photos, description, video.
  3. Promotion: front page banner and featured products.

She now spent her free moments at the store dedicated to digitize her business, improving product description texts, adding videos, promoting her website on her social media networks.

Anna likes to design, so she added creative images with product promotions to the cover of her website. She also took a moment to add the products that she had in the shop window this morning to the front page of her website. On the website you can do it with a simple click on the product. The physical shop window takes her a little longer.

She has now added the domain name of her new online store to her physical storefront sign to encourage her customers to visit her new website and order from home.

Her customer base is now much larger than just the neighborhood, with the digitization of her business and her new online store website, she can sell to new markets. And if her customers are confined to their homes, they can now continue shopping on her online store

To be continued...

Do not wait any longer and digitize your business today, setup up your website and take one more towards the future succcess of your business.

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